A New Start Line for Amputees at the World’s First Blade Library!

The world’s first Blade Library, a facility that provides affordable usage of a variety of sporting prosthetic legs, opened in Tokyo, giving amputees a chance to run free. It is part of a project aiming to create “a world where everyone can run”.


Commonly referred to as “blades”, the special prosthetics designed for running can cost more than $2,000 USD each, making them difficult for the average person to purchase. With access to the “blades” and facilities priced at less than $10 USD, the high barrier to entry has been lowered significantly.

There is a wide variety of “blades” for children as well as adults to use.

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Original Japanese video from NHK 1.5ch: https://www.nhk.or.jp/ten5/ (Japanese only)


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