High School Students Successfully Hatch Eggs Without Shells in the Classroom!

Students from the Biology Club at Oihama Public High School in Chiba Prefecture experienced a scientific breakthrough when they hatched eggs without shells!


The experiment was led by club advisor, Yutaka Tahara, as part of a mission he began 40 years ago to “share with students the moment when life begins”. With the help of his students, research methods were refined.

Fertilized eggs were placed in clear plastic wrap containers and incubated them at 38℃, allowing the students to observe the changes over the 21 days that it took the eggs to hatch.

The news shocked the world and Tahara received many inquiries. The method was spread widely to schools as a new way of studying biology.

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Original Japanese video from NHK 1.5ch: https://www.nhk.or.jp/ten5/ (Japanese only)


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