Make Fluffy Shaved Ice …with a Microwave

Shaved Ice is a very popular summer desert in Japan! It is amazing how you can make your shaved ice so FLUFFY just by using a microwave!


During a hot summer day in Japan, shaved ice (kakigoori) is a cool and delicious treat. The secret to making soft and fluffy shaved ice is a microwave oven!? Here’s how to do it.
Take 200g of ice from the freezer and heat it for 30 seconds at 600w. Let it rest for 3-5 minutes until the surface becomes wet. Just like that, the ice is ready and the shavings will be light and fluffy.

Because the ice crystals are tightly packed together, warming it up to around 0℃ softens them up, making the shavings soft and light.
Why not try making your own shaved ice at home during the hot summer!?

Note: Depending on the shaved ice machine used, individual results may vary.

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Original Japanese video from NHK 1.5ch: (Japanese only)


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