Drone captures 1st images of isolated Amazon tribe

An Amazonian tribe isolated from the outside world has been captured on video for the first time by a drone.


Funai, or Brazil’s government agency for the protection of indigenous people, on Tuesday released the aerial images.

The footage was taken in the innermost region of Brazil’s Amazon close to the border with Peru.

The video shows tribespeople walking through jungle, carrying what appears to be a bow and arrow.

Researchers at Funai who have been monitoring isolated tribes in the region say they believe the group in the new footage has never been seen before.

The AP news agency says the video shows 16 people.

The Funai researchers say that they have confirmed more than 100 indigenous groups across Brazil living isolated from mainstream civilization.

The experts have avoided any direct contact with these people as meeting outsiders has caused an epidemic among tribespeople in the past.

Funai officials say they hope the video will lead to public understanding about the importance of protecting indigenous people.



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