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Nobody ever said that bento lunchbox art is exclusively kawaii. Far from it! Bento art has become a tool of communication. A loving message from wife to husband or the scary note that, yes, mother does know you skipped out on yours studies! Oh, you want to know just how? Good! You’re about to find out! O-bento you better tune in!

Kawaii International is a direct link to Tokyo, the most fashion forward city in the world.
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Born in Japan, Kawaii began as a simple concept of being cute. Now, Kawaii has evolved into a mindset, philosophy, and lifestyle that has become a global phenomenon. Kawaii culture knows no boundaries. No matter your age, race, gender, orientation, or religion, Kawaii culture can be applied to your life.
From our headquarters in Shibuya, our mission is to share the latest trends in fashion and pop-culture celebrating the message of Kawaii culture.
Watch, learn, and create.
Be yourself, be Kawaii!

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